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      Note: late charges are regulated in some states; security deposits are controlled by law in almost every state; a few, like W. Virginia, allow a lien on personal property, but most do not. Landlord Tenant Law varies in each state. You can check your state's law in this web, however, be sure that you always review any legal document with competent legal council in your state before you use it.

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Additional Charges
Additional Rent
Agency Disclosure
Assignment or Subletting
Attorney's Fees
Automatic Renewal
Balconies and Patios
Cancellation Agreement
Change in Tenant Status
Cleaning Fee
Combustible & Prohibited Substances

Conditional Notification
Conditions & Inventory
Condemnation/Eminent Domain
Condo & Homeowners Association
Credit History
Death of Tenant or Landlord
Deposit Bonus
Deposit Returned
Discounted Rent

Due Date
End of Term Assistance
Entire Contract

Fire or Casualty
Form of Payment

Furniture Lien
Hazardous Material
Landlord's Obligation to Repair
Lights & Bulbs

Limited Occupancy

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Lessee's absence from the premises for 14 consecutive days while the rent remains due and unpaid shall be deemed an abandonment of said premises. The Lessor may, at his option, declare this lease forfeited and store at Lessee's expense any property remaining on the premises and re-rent said premises without any liability to Lessee whatever.

It shall be deemed a reasonable belief by the Landlord that an abandonment of the premises has occurred where rent has been unpaid for 14 consecutive days and the Tenant has been absent from unit for 14 consecutive days. In that event, Landlord may serve written notice pursuant to the Civil Code of the jurisdiction. If Tenant does not comply with the requirements of said notice, the premises shall be deemed abandoned.

When the Tenant vacates the leased premises, should he leave any personal property or vehicles on or about the premises or common areas of those and adjacent premises and should such property remain uncollected and unclaimed by the Tenant after 30 days from the time of vacating, such personal property or vehicles may be deemed to be willfully abandoned and may be disposed of in any manner convenient for and chosen by the Landlord or the Landlord's agent without notice to Tenant.

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In no case shall any abatement of rent hereunder be effected where the condition set forth in the notice provided for herein was created by the intentional or negligent act of the Tenant, but Landlord shall have the burden of proving that rent abatement may not be effected for the foregoing reason.

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Returned Checks - If, for any reason, a check used by Tenants to pay rent is returned unpaid, Tenants will pay an accounting fee of $15. If ever a Tenant's check is returned unpaid for a second time, cash, money-order or bank check will be required.

Lessee shall pay an additional charge of $25.00 for each returned check unpaid.

Lessee shall be in default under this agreement if the rent is not paid by the fourth day after the rent due date. Lessee shall pay $_____ per day as late charge for each day the rent shall remain unpaid for each breach of this condition.

In the event that collection of rent must be made by the Lessor at the Lessee's residence, then Lessee shall pay a five dollar ($20.00) collection fee for each such attempted collection.

Any charges for rent, cleaning, repairs or any other damages sustained by the Lessor under the terms of this Agreement, that are not covered by the "Security Deposit" and "Cleaning Fee" and that are not paid within 14 days after vacating premises, shall earn interest thereafter at the rate of 10 percent per annum.

The following fees shall be charged for replacement items:

Replacement key $ _______________
Replacement door locks $ _______________
Replacement mailbox $ _______________
Other $ _______________

If Landlord has not received any rent payment within five (5) days after rent becomes due pursuant to the provisions of this lease, Tenant shall pay to Landlord a late fee of $5.00 per day in addition to the monthly rent then due. This Late Fee shall commence on the 6th day of the month and accrue until payment and accumulative Late Fees are received by Landlord.

If rent is not paid when due and landlord issues a 'Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit', Tenant must tender cash or cashier's check only. If Tenant tenders a check, which is dishonored by a banking institution, than Tenant shall only tender cash or cashier's check for all future payments. This shall continue until such time as written consent is obtained from Landlord. In addition, Tenant shall be liable in the sum of $25 for each check that is returned to Landlord because the check has been dishonored.


Late Charge. It is expressly agreed that timely payments are the very essence of this agreement. Tenant acknowledges that late payments of rent may cause Landlord to incur costs and expenses, the exact amount of such costs being extremely difficult and impractical to fix. Such costs may include, but are not limited to, processing and accounting expenses, late charges that may be imposed on Landlord by terms of any loan secured by the property, costs for additional attempts to collect rent, and preparation of notices. Therefore, if any installment of rent due from Tenant is not received by Landlord within ________ calendar days after date due, Tenant shall pay Landlord an additional sum of $________ as a late charge, which shall be deemed additional rent. The Parties agree that this late charge represents a fair and reasonable estimate of the costs that Landlord may incur by reason of Tenant's late payments. Acceptance of any late charges shall not constitute a waiver of Tenant's default with respect to the past due amount, or prevent Landlord from exercising any other rights and remedies under this agreement, and as provided by law.


In the event of any breach by the Tenant of any of Tenant's covenants or agreements herein, Landlord or his agents may give Tenant five days' notice to cure said breach, setting forth in writing which covenants or agreements have been breached. If any breach is not cured within said five-day period, or reasonable steps to effectuate said cure are not commenced and diligently pursued within said five-day period and thereafter until said breach has been cured, Landlord or his agents may terminate this lease upon five days' additional notice to the Tenant, with said notice being in lieu of a Notice to Quit, which Tenant hereby waives.

Said termination shall be ineffective if Tenant cures said breach or commences and diligently pursues reasonable steps to effectuate such cure at any time prior to the expiration of said five-day termination. Upon terminating this lease as provided herein, Landlord or his agent may commence proceedings against Tenant for his removal as provided for by law.

In the event of any breach by Landlord of any of Landlord's covenants or agreements herein, Tenant may give Landlord ten days' notice to cure said breach, setting forth in writing the manner in which said covenants and agreements have been breached. If said breach is not cured within said ten-day period, or reasonable steps to effectuate said cure are not commenced and diligently pursued within said ten-day period and thereafter until said breach has been cured, rent hereunder shall be fully abated from the time at which said ten days' notice expired until such time as Landlord has fully cured the breach set forth in the notice provided for in this paragraph.

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For one year lease.  There is no provision in this agreement for rental periods of less than 12 months.  Should an emergency arise requiring you to relinquish the premises during the rental period, notify us in writing and obtain a written release from this agreement thirty (30) days prior to first (1st) of the month.  In this event, you will be charged only the cost of restoring the premises to rental condition, plus advertising, painting, and rent loss incurred until the new resident moves in.  Your liability for rent loss is limited to thirty (30) days after restoration is complete.  This privilege of cancellation does not apply unless rent is paid in full and all other provisions of this agreement have been honored.

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Any change in the tenant employment or changes in other information taken at the time of application will be the responsibility of the tenant to forward the new information in writing to the landlord no less than seven (7) days from the date of change.  Otherwise the tenant can be deemed in violation of this agreement and subject to eviction.

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Lessee shall pay in advance a cleaning fee of $ ___________ to be retained for the cleaning of curtains, drapes, carpets, windows, walls, floors, pictures and appliances. Lessee shall pay for any costs of cleaning not covered by the aforementioned fee.

Tenant specifically agrees to leave premises in clean and neat condition or to pay a $100 cleaning fee t landlord if landlord has premises cleaned.  This fee will not be charged only if the tenants leave the premises clean.  The landlord, and only the landlord, will determine whether the premises will qualify as "clean".

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Neither the tenant nor any of the tenant's agents, employees, licensees or visitors shall at any time bring into or keep upon the demised premises any flammable, combustible or explosive fluid, material, chemical or substance.

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If any part of the building is condemned, we shall have the right to cancel this lease. If we decide to cancel the lease, we will give you notice within fifteen (15) days after the date of the condemnation. The lease will end on the date we give in our notice to you.

You will not be entitled to any payment from the government because of such condemnation except for moving expenses. All other payments from the government because of such condemnation will be paid to the property owner.

If all of the dwelling or premises is taken by or condemned by a legal/city authority, this agreement and the resident's rights shall end as of the date the authority takes title to the dwelling or premises. If any part of the dwelling or premises is taken by or condemned, landlord may cancel this agreement on notice to the resident.  If agreement is cancelled, resident must deliver the dwelling to the landlord on the cancellation date together with all rent due to that date.  The entire award for any taking belongs to the landlord and no amount will be payable to the resident.  Resident shall make no claim for the value of the remaining part of this contract.

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Tenant agrees to give written notice (within 72 hours after taking possession) of anything in the rental unit not in good condition.  Anything not reported within 72 hours will be considered in good condition and the tenant will be expected to return it in good condition.  Unless otherwise noted, tenant agrees to accept premises “as is”.

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Lessee acknowledges receipt of the furniture listed in the "Conditions & Inventory" and accepts the premises and furniture in the condition as listed. If the Lessee shall find the conditions not as listed or the furnishing listed incorrectly, then (s)he shall deliver to the Lessor a written statement of the discrepancies within 3 days after taking possession. Otherwise, it will be conclusively presumed that the inventory and conditions are correct and Lessee will be responsible for all loss, breakage, burns and other damage not designated.

The Tenant hereby accepts the premises and all the furnishings therein in good condition and presumes that the inventory list is correct in all particulars and that the premises are in good condition. The purpose of the inventory list is solely for assessing damages and does not obligate the Landlord to provide or repair any item listed but not found on the premises.

When the Tenant vacates the premises the Landlord (or the Landlord's agent) shall inspect the premises and itemize damages against the Inventory Checklist. The security deposit will be used to repair any such damages or any other obligation against said security deposit including but not limited to any unpaid rent. Within 30 days of the Tenant terminating occupancy the Landlord shall mail an itemized list of damages claimed for which the security deposit may be used, including any estimates of repair costs for each property damaged item and the amounts and basis on which he intends to assess the Tenant. The list shall be accompanied by a check or money order for the difference between damages claimed and the amount of the security deposit, but should the amount assessed exceed the amount of the security deposit, the list of damages shall constitute an enforceable demand for payment of such excess by the tenant.

Tenant acknowledges that the premises have been inspected. Tenant acknowledges that said premises have been cleaned and all items, fixtures, appliances, and appurtenances are in complete working order. Tenant promises to keep the premises in a neat and sanitary condition and to immediately reimburse landlord for any sums necessary to repair any item, fixture or appurtenance that needed service due to Tenant's, or Tenant's invitee, misuse or negligence.

Tenant shall be responsible for the cleaning or repair to any plumbing fixture where a stoppage has occurred. Tenant shall also be responsible for repair or replacement of the garbage disposal where the cause has been a result of bones, grease, pits, or any other item which normally causes blockage of the mechanism.

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Compliance with Owner's Association or Similar Authority: Tenant's right to use and occupy the Premises, shall be subject to and subordinate in all respects to the provisions of the applicable Owner's Association (which term as used herein shall include condominium and owners associations, corporate associations, homeowners associations or other similar authorities) covenants rules and regulations. If the premises is a condominium, to the Declaration and Bylaws of any Condominium or Owners' Association (collectively referred to as "Association Documents" ) and to such rules and regulations as the Board of Directors of the Owners Association may from time to time promulgate

Failure to comply with the provisions of the Association Documents of "Rules and Regulations" shall constitute a material breach of this Lease. This Lease grants Tenant a leasehold interest in the Premises for the Lease Term specified together with a license granting to Tenant Landlord s rights, in common elements and common facilities of the Owners' Association (excluding, without limitation membership rights in the, Owners Association for such Lease Term.) Provided, however, that Tenant and Tenant's family, permittees, licensees employees, and agents exercise such license in accordance with the provisions of the Association Documents and "Rules and Regulations". Upon Tenant's request and on behalf or Tenant, Landlord is to obtain from the Owners Association, all services to which Landlord is entitled as owner of the Premises.

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The following person (co-signer) _______________________________agrees to serve as a co-signer for (resident) ________________________________while residing at this premises.  In the event of non-payment of rent by due date, the co-signer agrees to be held responsible for payment and authorized the management to charge to the co-signer for any delinquent rents and charges as bound by the terms of this lease.  Co-signer agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees, court costs and collection agency fees incurred plus any related expenses whether or not suit if filed.  Co-signer also authorizes the owner to charge to the co-signer's account (MasterCard or VISA) for any delinquent rents and charges.

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Profane, obscene, loud or boisterous language, or unseemly behavior and conduct are absolutely prohibited. The tenant agrees to not permit to be done, anything that will annoy, harass, embarrass, or inconvenience any other tenants, neighbors or occupants in adjoining premises.

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Tenant authorizes the owner to inform local credit agencies of their good or bad credit performance with regard to rental payment.  Failure to pay rent or use of security deposit as last month's rent will be reported to the local credit agency and be put on tenant's credit history.

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If the landlord or tenant, husband or wife, should die during the term of this  lease, the surviving spouse of the deceased may terminate this lease by giving (30) days written notice to the other parties involved in the lease.  The right of termination of lease must be exercised within 90 days of death of party concerned.

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Upon breach of this lease by Lessee, Lessor, besides other rights and remedies he may have, shall have all of the following remedies:
(a) The remedies provided by of the State of ___________
(b) The right, by mailed or delivered notice to Lessee, to terminate this lease.
(c) The right to enter the premises and take possession thereof pursuant to of the State of _________; upon such entry, Lessor may take possession of nonexempt personal property of the Lessee(s) then found in the premises pursuant to of the State of _________.

It is further agreed that upon such default, Lessor or his agents may enter the premises and remove any items of furniture which have been supplied to the Lessee by Lessor.
The acceptance by Lessor of partial payments of rent due shall not constitute a waiver of any rights of Lessor nor affect any notice of legal proceedings in unlawful detainer theretofore given or commenced.

It is expressly agreed that timely payments are the very essence of this agreement.. If the Tenant defaults in the payment of rent and the rent remains unpaid paid for ____ days after it be comes due . The Tenant shall pay a ''late charge'' of $ ________ per day per day to compensate the extra expense of handling late payments.

The right of the Landlord to make a charge for a late payment should not be construed to be a grace period. Acceptance of late rental payments with any late charges from the Tenant shall not waive the Landlord's right to timely payments in the future. In the event any rent is due and unpaid the provision above for a late charge shall not exclude other remedies provided by law. If the Tenant defaults in rent payments or in any of the agreements contained herein, then it shall be lawful for the Landlord, or the Landlord's attorneys, representatives or assigns to reenter into, repossess the premises, and remove and evict the Tenant and every other occupant by any lawful means.

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As an incentive to the resident to perform all covenants contained in this contract, a bonus will be paid (_____) days following the termination of tenancy after all keys have been returned, dwelling inspected and the following conditions met: ________________________________________________________________________.

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Security deposits will not be allowed to cover any future rent payment.  Deposits will only be returned _____days after tenant vacates, the unit is inspected, and if the following conditions are met:  Full term of rental agreement is completed, no damage to the premises, all unpaid charges, fees and rents have been paid.  In addition _________________.  Deposits will be mailed to your new forwarding address.

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    The  discounted rental price is $_______per month.  When paid after the ______ the normal rent of $_____is due.  Such rental amount to be adjusted every _____to compensate for inflation.  Tenant agrees to pay an additional late charge of $_____for payment not received by the _____ of the month.  All payments lost in the mail will be considered unpaid until received by owner.

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If the premises are partially damaged by fire, the elements or other causes which are not caused by the acts or failures to act by the Tenant or their guests, then the premises shall be repaired by the Landlord with reasonable dispatch, and if the Tenant cannot occupy the premises during such repairs without substantial inconvenience there shall be a proportionate reduction of rent allowed. The Landlord shall have no further liability save the proportionate reduction of rent even if repairs are delayed for any reason. If the damages to the premises substantially destroys the premises the Landlord shall have the option to rebuild or repair the premises or to declare in writing this Lease null and void whereupon all responsibilities between the Landlord and the Tenant for the remaining term of this Lease shall cease.

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At all times during the lease term, residents shall conduct themselves, and require other persons on the Premises with their consent to conduct themselves, in a manner that does not unreasonably disturb his neighbors or constitute a breach of the peace.

Also see: Noise & Nuisance

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As of the date of this Agreement, Owners warrant that the dwelling's sewage drains are in good working order and that they will accept the normal household waste for which they were designed. Tenants agree to pay for clearing the drains of any and all stoppages except those which (the plumber who is called to clear the stoppage will attest in writing) were caused by defective plumbing or tree roots. Tenants shall pay for damage caused by the stopping of waste pipes or overflow from bathtub, wash-basins, toilets, or sinks. Tenants shall also be responsible for keeping garbage disposal clear of all items that may tend to cause stoppage of the mechanism.

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It is forbidden for Tenant, any member of Tenant's household or any person under Tenant's control to possess, manufacture, deliver or possess with intent to deliver any controlled substance or counterfeit controlled substance.

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Monthly rate must be in the owner's possession by the due date indicated above to receive any discount.  Prior experience indicates that rents should be mailed no less than _____before the due date.

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At end of agreement, tenant agrees to assist owner by showing property to prospective tenants prior to moving.  If a qualified applicant agrees to rent the property through the assistance of the vacating tenant, the vacating tenant is eligible to receive the original security deposit at the time of departure instead of waiting the normal day processing period.  If resident vacates the premises prior to the end of the rental agreement, but assists the owner in finding a new lessee, the vacating resident is eligible to receive his original security deposit, and any prepaid duplicate rent, less a  $ transfer fee to owner.

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Time is of the essence. All prior agreements between the parties are incorporated in this agreement which constitutes the entire contract. Its terms are intended by the parties as a final expression of their agreement with respect to such terms as are included herein and may not be contradicted by evidence of any prior agreement or contemporaneous oral agreement. The parties further intend that this agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive statement of its terms and that no extrinsic evidence whatsoever may be introduced in any judicial or other proceeding, if any, involving this agreement. Nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed as releasing either party from a duty to minimize or mitigate any damages to either party

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EVICTION: See State Law

Should the Tenant fail to timely pay rent or utility charges, fail to comply with any of the other terms or agreements contained in this Lease. or in the use of these premises, violate any law, ordinance, rule or regulation of any governmental authority. whether civil or criminal, the Landlord may terminate this Lease and may proceed to evict the Tenant from the premises as provided by state law. In the case of such termination, the Tenant agrees to indemnify the Landlord against all losses of rent incurred by reason of such termination, during the remaining term of this Lease.

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If the premises become totally or partially destroyed during the term of this Agreement so that Tenants use is seriously impaired, Tenants or Owners may terminate this Agreement upon three-day written notice to the other. During any time when the dwelling cannot be used because of fire or casualty, Tenants are not responsible for payment of rent, unless such fire or casualty damage has been caused by action or neglect of Tenants, their guests, or invitees.

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Tenants agree to pay rent in the form of a cashier's check, money order or check (until one is returned or not honored by your bank regardless of reason).

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No liquid filled furniture of any kind may be kept on the premises.

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The landlord shall have the lien granted by law upon all furniture and other property of tenant(s) for their rent, accommodations and services and the tenant(s) hereby grant to the owner a lien upon all personal property brought into said premises, and owner may enforce said lien as provided by law or by entering said premises and either taking possession thereof and the belongings contained therein for safe-keeping at the expense of the tenant(s).  Said lien may be enforced whenever rent is due and unpaid.  Enforcement of the lien shall not operate to waive any other rights of the landlord in unlawful detainer or otherwise.

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Violation by Lessee of any applicable ordinance or statute shall be deemed sufficient cause for termination of this agreement.

Lessee's representations made in the rental application shall be considered inducements to Lessor to execute this agreement.

Misrepresentations in the application shall be considered as cause to terminate this agreement. Waiver by the Lessor of any breach of any term or condition of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach.

The invalidity or partial invalidity of any provision of this agreement shall not render the remainder of the agreement invalid or unenforceable.

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Tenant shall not keep or have in or on the leased house, outbuildings or grounds any article or thing of a dangerous, flammable or explosive nature that might be pronounced "hazardous" or extra hazardous" by any responsible insurance company.

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HOLDOVERS: See State Law

If Tenant holds over on termination of this lease and Property Owner accepts Tenant's tender of the rent provided by this lease, this lease shall continue to be binding on the parties as a rental period to rental period agreement.

This Agreement and any charges agreed to herein will remain in effect on a monthly basis after the initial term. A 30 day written notice to vacate must be issued prior to vacating, any time on or after the initial term of this Agreement. If improper notice or no notice to vacate is given by Resident, Resident is liable for prorated rent until lawful termination, and Management may deduct from the Security Deposit on hand  or collect any monies due by other lawful means. For tenants wishing to remain on a holdover agreement, an additional monthly charge of $25.00 will be required. (Tenant's initials _________ )



Lessor shall be allowed to enter said premises at reasonable times to inspect, redecorate, remodel, show the premises to prospective tenants, purchasers or representatives of insurance or lending institutions or to make repairs. However, in no event, shall repairs made by Lessor be deemed a waiver of Lessor's right to hold Lessee liable therefor.

The Tenant agrees that the Landlord or the Landlord's agents shall be allowed to enter the premises at all reasonable times, for inspecting or examination of same, to make repairs or modifications to same. or for exhibiting the same to potential tenants or buyers or to government officials. or underwriters.

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Tenant shall maintain public liability insurance with personal injury limits of at least $________ for injury to one person, and $____________ for any one accident, and a limit of at least $_________ for damage to property. Tenant shall deliver appropriate evidence to Landlord as proof that adequate insurance is in force. Landlord shall have the right to require that the Landlord receive notice of any termination of such insurance policies.

Tenant hereby agrees to purchase a renters policy of insurance covering the premises against fire and liability.

Owners have obtained insurance to cover fire damage to the dwelling and liability insurance to cover certain personal injuries occurring as a result of property defects or Owners' negligence. Tenants acknowledge that Owners' insurance does not cover personal property damage caused by fire, theft, rain, war, acts of God, acts of others, or any other causes, nor shall Owners be held liable for such losses. Tenants are hereby advised to obtain, at Tenants' expense, their own insurance policy to cover any personal losses. Tenants agree that they will do nothing to the premises nor keep anything on the premises which will result in an increase in the Owners' insurance policy or endanger the premises, nor will they allow anyone else to do so.

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Keys shall be provided upon payment of the first month's rent and security deposits, and shall be deemed a part of this Agreement.

The tenant shall not change, reproduce or add any keys and/or locks without the express prior permission of the property owner. The tenant shall provide the property owner with copies of every key for the premises.

If the tenant shall lose the keys to the apartment, then he shall be responsible for a fee of $________ in addition to cost of replacement keys or locksmith charges.

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The Landlord shall repair damages to the appliances or structure not caused by the act or neglect of the Tenant, or the Tenant's guest(s) which substantially interferes with the Tenant's quiet enjoyment of the premises. Requests for repairs must be in writing to the Landlord. The Landlord shall in no event be responsible for loss of or damage to any of the Tenant's possessions from appliance failure, water leak, water backup, fire, theft, vandalism, or disappearance of the Tenant's property regardless of the state of security of the premises.

NOTICE: The Tenant is hereby advised and understands that the personal property of the Tenant is not insured by the Landlord for either damage or loss, and the Landlord assumes no liability for any such loss. The Tenant is advised that, if insurance coverage is desired by the Tenant, the Tenant should inquire of Tenant's insurance agent regarding a Renter's Policy of Insurance.

Property Owner shall maintain the dwelling, dwelling units and premises thereof in a decent, safe and sanitary condition in compliance with all federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances. In the event that repairs are needed, the Tenant should notify Property Owner or his/her agent and should allow reasonable time for compliance. Although not required by this section, requests for repairs should be in writing. If repairs are not substantially completed within a reasonable time of notification, Tenant may terminate this lease upon reasonable written notice: preferably through certified mail for the Tenant's own protection. This remedy shall not exclude any other remedy provided by law to Tenant for Property Owner's violation of this Agreement.  

As repairs are now needed to comply with this section, Property Owner specifically agrees to complete the following repairs by the following dates:



_______________________________ ________________________________
_______________________________ ________________________________
_______________________________ ________________________________

Property Owner shall take reasonable measures to maintain the security of the dwelling /dwelling units for the protection of Tenant and his/her guests from burglary, robbery and other crimes.

Where a repair is the responsibility of the Landlord, Tenant must notify Landlord with a written notice stating what item needs servicing or repair. Tenant must give Landlord a reasonable opportunity to service or repair said item. Under no circumstances may Tenant withhold rent unless said item constitutes a substantial breach of the warrantee of habitability as stated in laws of the jurisdiction.

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Lessor shall not be liable for any loss of property by fire, theft, burglary or otherwise from said premises or building, nor for any accidental damage to person or property in or about the same premises or building resulting from electrical wiring, water, rain or snow, which may come into or issue or flow from any part of said premises or building or from the pipes, plumbing, sprinklers or any electrical connections thereof or by any other cause whatever and the Lessee shall make no claim for any such loss or damage.

Each party hereby releases the other party from all liability arising from any loss, damage or injury caused by fire or other casualty for which the other party carried an insurance policy which permits waiver of liability and waives the insurer's rights of subrogation, to the extent that the insured party receives compensation under the policy.

Nothing contained in this Lease shall be construed as releasing either party from a duty to minimize or mitigate any damages to the other party.

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Before occupancy of the rental property, all light bulbs will be installed and in good working order. Thereafter, tenants are required to provide and change all bulbs within or switch controlled from their premises, no matter where located, at their own expense.

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Only the following person(s) are permitted to live in the dwelling.  Tenant agrees to pay an additional $___ per month to add any other occupants not mentioned at time of this agreement.  Short term visits by guests (relatives and friends) may not exceed seven days without permission of owner, or be subject to additional charge.

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Tenants agree that they will not change the locks on any door without first obtaining Owners' written permission. Having obtained permission, they agree to pay for changing the locks themselves and to provide the Owners with one duplicate key per lock.

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In the event that the tenant locks themselves out of their premises, they may obtain a key from the property owner at a time convenient to the owner. The tenant must pay for any damage to the property as a result of a lockout


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