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Using RHOL Forms & Agreements

RHOL has been providing forms on-line since 1995. Way back then all we could offer was a web page containing the information, or allow downloading a form saved as a word processing document to your computer. The Internet has evolved a great deal since that time and we have tried to keep pace with the state of the art as much as we can. However, the amount of information and the large number of forms we offer has made the task daunting.

Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) has become the preferred format for presenting forms on the web so we have published most of our forms as PDF files. We have also continued to offer most of them as web pages and as Word documents. Consequently, you will still find forms on our site in a variety of formats.

Adobe now makes it possible for us to create PDF forms that you can fill in right on your computer screen then print. That is a major advantage for landlord tenant court forms because many judges want all the information typed and few of us have convenient access to typewriters any longer. You will find an * next to the names of those that are completed.

When you find a form that you want to use, you may still have several options.

WWW First, you can print the pages from the Web immediately or save them to your hard drive for later use. You can also copy/paste the form language, or parts of it, to your word processor for editing.

Second, many forms are also available in MS Word format. You can open these files in Word or in certain other types of word processor programs.   To open a Word file, click on "Word" or the icon next to the form title.   After the file has opened, you can save the file to your hard drive or simply edit it as needed and print it without saving.  Opening a Word file allows you to make any changes you wish before printing.

Third, many forms are available in Portable Document Format ( PDF ) , which allows you to print the form in it's original formatting .  PDF files are read by Adobe Acrobat Reader , a program that is usually included on new computers and can be downloaded free from Adobe .  To open an Acrobat file click the name or the icon next to the form title .  After the file has opened, you can save the file to your hard drive or simply print it without saving.  Acrobat files cannot be edited unless you have the full version of Acrobat (not free).      

Note that some forms are available only as Acrobat files because the original file was created in a spreadsheet or other program that is not expected to be available on the average member's computer.

Some forms , like court forms, must retain their original format and language. We are working toward providing them as fillable PDF files. There are others, such as leases, that you may want to change and customize. We will try to make sure that they are available as Word documents.

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