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 Of Special Interest to Members

Real Estate Investor's Web Information that relates more specifically to real estate investors. Includes tax changes, loans and much more.

Landlords Web and Property Managers Web Information that relates more specifically to each of these two similar groups that often have somewhat different needs.

Tenants Web  Information of particular interest and value to tenants.  

Avoiding Lawsuits  Rental property owners are about the most exposed business in the world to lawsuits often based on the whims, scams, criminality and stupidity of tenants and their guests. We have an extensive lesson on avoidance.

CSEU online e-Courses

Income Property Basics  This e-course provides the fundamentals of income property investment for those who have little knowledge and no experience.

Buying & Selling IncomeProperty  This e-course provides a structured introduction to all the important factors regarding acquiring properties.

Valuing Income Property  Knowing the value of a property is important whether buying, financing, or selling income property.

Managing Income Property  All aspects of management are covered in this e-course.

Buying Foreclosures  This e-course provides lessons and discussions regarding the real estate foreclosure process and then buying those properties.

Evictions  Do it yourself evictions can be very costly if you don't know how.  RHOL has developed an e-course on evictions with extensive information and step by step instruction.

Collecting Judgments  You win your case in court, and have your judgment, how do you get your money? This comprehensive e-course provides step by step instruction.  

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Online Tenant Screening Services Obtain online access to credit reports and other  tenant screening reports through a third party vendor, YouCheckCredit. For new RHOL members, YCC will waive their customary $19.95 set up fee.

Forms and AgreementsHundreds of forms, agreements, form letters and government mandated lead-paint documents available to print and download.

VacancyList.net Landlords enjoy FREE listings and tenants search FREE with our vacancy listing service, containing thousands of listings.

Real Estate Investor's Web Information that relates more specifically to real estate investors. Includes tax changes, loans and much more.

Property Management Web Includes ADA requirements, maintenance, tenant screening, rent collection, insurance issues and every thing we can think of to provide for property managers.

State Landlord Tenant LawEach state's landlord tenant law is compiled, summarized and hyper-linked.

HavesWants.comSellers and Buyers of income properties as well as commercial Lessors and Lessees enjoy FREE postings and searching in any of our new family of databases.

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